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At the heart of the RTF Racing story is our founder, Charley Baruth. After a January 2014 car crash in which she was struck in the passenger door by a car traveling at nearly 70 miles per hour, Charley underwent more than a half-dozen surgeries in the space of a year. A pilot since her teen years, Charley took an interest in autocrossing as a way to pass the time until she could return to the sky. This quickly turned into a genuine desire to race which she facilitated by attending multiple racing schools in 2015 and 2016.

In October of 2016, Charley bought a former Playboy Series MX-5 Pro Cup car. Shortly afterwards, she merged her effort with the already-existing “Road & Track And Friends” race team operated by her husband, autowriter Jack Baruth. The result was RTF Racing, an all-star effort that has led the pack in all three of its AER starts and taken one class win. With support from the Boost Brothers and a rotating cast of superstar drivers including a Daytona winner and multiple series champions, RTF contests endurance races around the East Coast and Midwest.

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